Tool for genealogy

Québec Généalogie offers some tools to help you to do your genealogy manually:
     - Sheet for baptisms and births.
     - Sheet for marriages.
     - Sheet for burials
     - A little family tree very easy to be filled. If your family tree take more than one page, inscribe a number in the small circle of the last generation, in right, and to re-inscribe the same number in a new page, in the first generation.
     - A small book entitled " Comment dresser et étoffer une généalogie ascendante directe " (How to make and expand a direct genealogy ascendante) prepared by MM. Claude Perrault and Jean Bergeron in 1979 from a practical case for educational purposes to students of the class of genealogy of Loisirs St-Edouard, Montreal. (In french only)

Genealogical dictionary of canadian families

Photo l'abbé Cyprien Tanguay

Photo: Library and Archives Canada.
First genealogical dictionary published between 1871 and 1890, it is the oldest dictionary relating the history of the principal Franco-Canadian families to New France. It is a huge work published by the abbot Cyprien Tanguay (1819-1902), who is regarded as the father of the French-Canadian and Canadian genealogy. Essential tool to develop or check your genealogy.

Genealogical dictionary of St-Cyr

History of the family and the descent of Pierre Deshaies St-Cyr and Marguerite Guillet as well as Mathieu Rouillard St-Cyr and Jeanne Guillet 1624-2011.
• Author: François St-Cyr
• More than 580 pages of texts, documents, photos and genealogical information.

This book is available in french and in english at Éditions Mots en toile

La population des forts français Tome III

Les Éditions Mots en toile

Les Éditions Mots en toile present you «La population des forts français Tome III (Détroit)» of Marthe Faribault-Beauregard S.G.C.F. This book is in French version only.

The paleography

Québec Généalogie

Fig1. - Baptism of Wilfrid (Céolfrid) Vézina.

What is the paleography
     It is the science of deciphering, reading and interpretation of the ancient writings. Like writing changes at the same rhythm as evolution of our language, some old texts of two, three hundred years and more can appear difficult to us to read compared to today. There is courses of paleography offered by certain genealogical societies to cure this problem.

     There is, among others, Mr. Roland de Tarragon who suggests you on his website Lire les Écritures Anciennes free exercises of paleography.

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